Century-55,414. 7 million cars and Ford with 1. Rendezvous-3,000. Buick Engine Identification, where to find the numbers All "Nailheads" '57 - '66 225, 300, 340 For 215 V8: The engine number is stamped on the engine forward of the right cylinder head. The number is in the form AB123. By re-reatta, May 24, 2009 in Buick Reatta. Production Numbers for 1968 and 1969 A Body Models All production figures courtesy of Buick Motor Division, March 2003. Century-86,614. Regal-27,294. 1972 Buick Stage 1 Real Deal One of only 728 GS Stage 1 Buicks produced in 1972, it possesses all the great features that put the GS Stage 1 at the top of the luxury muscle-car genre. Park Ave-15,283. Park Ave-22,299. Regal- 42,660. 2001 Buick Production (through 6/30):. You may also find 465 which would identify a 425 cu. Total-173,175

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